Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ticket To Ride...

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And the board game craze is starting to set in... Started out with some pics that a friend of mine took with her gaming friends and I was thinking how fun it would be. I then played Star Wars Monopoly with Bao Yi... lost... but the hunger started to set in.

Spent some money and got Ticket to Ride and that was it. Played 2 games today and Bao Yi's officially hooked.

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The objective of the game was to built railway routes around a map (in my case, Germany) and complete as many destination tickets as we can. I got the special edition which also came with passengers that can be moved.

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All Roads Pass Through Hannover... :-D

At the beginning, Bao Yi & I found that there were quite a number of things to remember but after we got the hang of it (after 1 game) it was quite okay and started to enjoy it. There's a good review here.

Interested anybody?


[SK] said...

hmmm this one looks interesting.. something like monopoly?? :)

puayaun said...

Not at all... I'd say Monopoly is much easier and depends on luck and it takes a long time. You can complete Ticket to Ride in about 1 hour.
The objective is to just capture the routes from one town to another and try to complete the tickets which indicate which routes you have to complete.
If you do, you gain points. If not, you lose points.