Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thought Bubbles Goes Pink

First of all, No! My blog has not been hijacked by Bao Yi (my girlfriend who for some reason loves anything pink). It's actually Breast Cancer Awareness Month therefore, Thought Bubbles goes pink... I've also been told to acknowledge her as she helped me identify the colours that I was using as I have this problem with colours so there... that's your acknowledgement. Thank You. :-)

A lot of us men brush off Breast Cancer as something that's not too close a threat but think again. People we care about and love are at risk. We all have mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, friends, colleagues. girlfriends and wives. Most of us may not know it but even we men have a risk of getting breast cancer... well... call it chest cancer if you prefer but the fact is men can and have contracted the disease. Read more about it here.

The following are some information from the College of Radiology Website:
  • Breast cancer was the commonest overall cancer as well as the commonest cancer in women amongst all races from the age of 20 years in Malaysia for 2003 to 2005.
  • Breast cancer is most common in Chinese, followed by the Indians and then, Malays.
  • Breast cancer formed 31.1% of newly diagnosed cancer cases in women in 2003-2005.
  • A woman in Malaysia has a 1 in 20 chance of getting breast cancer in her lifetime.
  • The cumulative life time risk of developing breast cancer for Chinese women, Indian women and Malay women were 1 in 16, 1 in 17 and 1 in 28 respectively.
  • The peak incidence appeared to be 50 - 59 years old.
The following are information about breast cancer worth reading about:
So what can you do? It's Breast Cancer Awareness month so spread the word, 'pinkify' your blog or Web Site if you haven't already. Find out about breast cancer. Tell your loved ones what you have learned about breast cancer.

So how do you go about going pink? Register here and be counted.

Check out other Web Sites that have been Pinkified and read about what they have found out about breast cancer by visiting this link.

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pelf said...

I wonder if you would keep the pinky theme after October *wink*

Thanks, Bao Yi, for making the macho-man turn pink, LOL.

puayaun said...

:-) I'll think about it... I kinda like it.. ha ha... And in all honesty, she didn't turn me pink... she was more like my human colour reference chart... Keh Keh Keh.. Let me give you an example of what went on...

PA: This wan pink ah?
BY: No La... Dat wan is grey. Dis wan is pink... Dis Wan is pinkish purple... Dis wan is light pink.. dis is darker pink... dis is more to red...
PA: ????????

TZ said...

Dude, pink color for your blog ... errrr... looks like a girlie blog :-p

Anyway, how's life in Malaysia? I'm in Kampala Uganda now. I should turn my blog into red soil color... suit the kampala environment... hehehe

puayaun said...

Hey... it's all for a good cause y'know... And besides, I have no problems with pink... Shows that I'm in touch with my feminine side... :-)

Malaysia's pretty much the same... Nothing much... What're you doing in Kampala anyway? Short term or long term thingie?

dcyk said...

ehhh, u have a problem with colours? i didn't know ur colourblind

puayaun said...

And you just had to state it out loud didn't you? :-) Anyways, yeah, I have problems differentiating certain colours...