Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh Gross!!

Was entering the car park lift this morning when I bumped into the cleaner going on his rounds emptying the dustbins. They basically go from floor to floor carrying this big garbage bag and empty the garbage bins into the bag. Well... as I walked into the lift, he entered before me and was so nice to press ground floor for me as well.

Thennnnnnnnn I saw the glove he was wearing... which of course was the one he was using to empty the bins... And by emptying, I don't mean overturning the bin into the bag.... No No No.. They normally pick up the garbage from the bin with the gloved hand and stuff the junk into the black 'Santa' bag they carry... And there was this brownish stain on the glove.

And it was this same gloved hand that he used to press those little buttons on the control panel... So what's the lesson here? Ladies & Gentlemen... Wash your hands!! :-)


pelf said...

The more you know, the more you feel grossed out with everything, I tell you! :D

puayaun said...

Ha Ha... I suppose it's not that we don't know but more like a reminder on things we already know but take for granted.

rEalLyrAcheL said...

hahaha....tats y mama owiz say wash ur hands b4 u eat o for a matter of fact b4 u do anytin =) obviusly our fren here hv forgotten.