Thursday, June 5, 2008

Say "No" To Turtle & Terrapin Eggs Consumption

A campaign has been launched by the Turtle Research & Conservation Group to get pledges against consumption of turtle & terrapin eggs.

In many parts of the world including Malaysia, turtle & terrapin eggs are still being collected for the purposes of consumption in the belief that it is an aphrodisiac (means it will make you more 'keng' in bed ler) more so in fishing communities. In Terengganu, although the government has banned the collection of eggs in Pulau Redang and also some beaches on the mainland, one visit to Pasar Payang in Kuala Terengganu will show that eggs are still available readily. A quick check showed that eggs are being brought in from other states and some possibly poached as well.

The consumption of turtle eggs has been a tradition among the fishermen and is thought to have health and aphrodisiacal qualities. However, as with sharks fin, bear bile and also tiger testicles, medical experts have proven this to be untrue.

Realistically, the chances of ever being able to convince the older generation is slim however, the outreach program at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu is moving in the right step by having turtle camps for school-going children at Redang island, therefore trying to eliminate it with the next generation and also with the hope that some of them will be able to convince their family members.

The group is also launching a bid to get one million Malaysians to sign a pledge and that starts with each one of you so please do your part by sending an email to with the message “I pledge NOT to eat turtle or terrapin eggs for the rest of my life” together with your full name and MyKad number (needed for authentification).

Thank you all.

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