Friday, April 25, 2008


Well.... whaddaya know... My first blog... Well actually, it's not my first attempt at blogging but I guess nothing came out of that attempt which is not to say that this may turn out to be something that actually makes me proud.. but what the heck... The birth of this blog doesn't actually mean that I want to make a serious attempt at blogging but purely because that particular site is not able to let me do what I want without some major programming knowledge required... and considering the last time I wrote a program was more than 7 years ago, you would probably understand why I am looking for an easy way out...

I guess introductions are in order... Well... My name is Puay Aun... I was trying to think of a fancy name for my site but nothing really came to mind... so I decided to stick with puayaun... for now... I was born into a family of 5... I have an elder sister and a younger brother. All three of us 2 years apart... Good family planning you might say :-D. Some of you may have deduced that I'm an IT Professional... To be honest, I can't claim to be a professional but yeah.. I've been in IT for the past 11 years and foresee that I will be still in IT by the time I retire in slightly over 20 years.

I don't really have what you would call a serious interest... I enjoy travelling (but who doesn't?), I love lazing in front of the television (but find it increasingly difficult with all the workload) and I'm also trying to improve my photography skills but that's pretty much it... I've actually got a multiply site where I upload the bulk of my photos; at least the ones I have in digital format and it's unlikely that I'll duplicate them here. You can view them at

Oh well... Enjoy yourselves, and do drop me a line...

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